Printmaker based in the beautiful English Lake District

As a printmaker and painter I have a long standing interest in what can make otherwise familiar or mundane subjects unsettling or intriguing. I explore various images from new or unexpected perspectives, focusing on making subtle alterations which evoke feelings of unease or raise the question ‘What exactly is that?’.

My recent work sees four lino/monoprint prints created in response to The Yellow Wallpaper, the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In the story, a woman is confined or imprisoned in her room and attempts to claw through the wallpaper in an attempt to reveal what she sees underneath. The writing can be interpreted as a Gothic Horror tale but it is also an early Feminist tract, as her condition is linked to her apparent lack of independence.

Current work was prompted by a visit to Donegal, where for historical and social reasons there are many abandoned houses where the contents have been left intact. The torn net curtains seemed a melancholy reminder of previous better times and the upheaval that there must have been. Each print, linocut and monoprint on black paper, is made in small editions of six.

I am a member of Lakes Artists and Cumbria Printmakers. My work is shown in exhibitions all across the UK, for my latest and forthcoming shows, see the news pages.

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